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What’s up mutants!

It’s Outlander here, writing this up from the cage where the writing team is being held at Mt. [REDACTED]. Since the announcement of the NCR Rewrite and overall mod overhaul, we’ve been working hard to listen to all the feedback we’ve been given and make this project reach the potential the dev team knows that it has. To this goal, I wanna talk about two particular points that are near and dear to my heart:


And other companions I guess

Since the mods initial release approximately eight years ago, and before we officially decided that we’d put the time in to actually go ahead with the current overhaul, I decided that the only way to keep my sanity would be to put my energy to something entirely uncontroversial that I love: Skitters the Mutated Spider. Pretty much the only reason why I’m able to be here is because working on Skitters helped keep my drive to mod this game from completely crashing. So, without further ado, I present a fashion show:

And that’s not all. Besides the swanky new cosmetics, Skitters will be getting a bit of an upgrade for all those who have experienced the tragedy of spider death.

Big thanks to Clanky4, who was gracious enough to do the rigging and animations for the Skitters Power Armor, and subsequently fell into the dungeon where we get our new recruits from. You all should check out some of the fun videos he’s made around The Frontier. This one in particular is my favorite:

As we’ve settled in more with the reworks, some of the planned features for Skitters have been reworked and expanded to the rest of our companions. So the wide variety of player homes in the Frontier can be utilized effectively, we’re currently working on a system where each companion can have their home base designated, and will return there whenever dismissed. So, instead of always dismissing to the Hunter’s Lodge, anyone can be dismissed to any of the homes. Which I think is pretty neat.

But, it’s not as neat as this flowchart we made, which will bring me to the other topic I wanted to discuss:

Interconnection in The Frontier

This is only a small portion of a massive flowchart that me and the team have been working on over the past month or two. This has followed behind the efforts of fellow designer Imperial and her extensive documentation of almost the entirety of the content present within The Frontier. With this, we’re hoping to work on tying together side content better and filling in some more glaring gaps in said content by expanding characters and groups that we feel are underutilized currently. While this is more of a long-term goal, with the NCR rewrites taking priority, we want to make sure that not only are the main questlines excellent, but that everything else is as well.

And with that, my time has come to an end. If you want to follow my mad ramblings and the development as a whole, consider following us on Twitter and joining the official Discord.

See ya on the flip side,