Exiled NCR Forces

The NCR in the Frontier are mostly comprised of veterans and conscripted soldiers from the NCR-Brotherhood War. That war lasted for decades and each victory for the NCR came at a very high cost. At the start of the war, the NCR was crushed in nearly every battle.The Brotherhood of Steel had access to far superior technology, as well as being more rigorously trained and disciplined. Though they were severely outnumbered by the NCR, the Brotherhood was determined to win the war. Soon the NCR had to stray from conventional battle tactics and adopted a new strategy… attrition. Unable to attain a decisive victory in direct warfare, the NCR generals were hoping the Brotherhood would be unable to sustain a prolonged conflict. Wave after wave of NCR troopers were continually expended to break the Brotherhood’s back. However, setback after setback caused the overall morale to plummet and led to many deserters among the NCR forces. Due to the high casualties accosted each victory, each hard-fought battle seemed like a loss no matter the outcome. Determined to prevent a complete breakdown of the army, the NCR brass promised every conscript who were forced to fight a voluntary discharge. With renewed focus and energy, the NCR opened up a new front in the Mojave. After many battles, despite the NCR sustaining heavy casualties for each victory, the Brotherhood was finally cornered at Helios One. The Brotherhood made one last valiant stand but was finally defeated. With the Mojave Chapter defeated, the Mojave was finally under NCR control. The conscripts were finally free of fighting, and could return home. After several months of supervising Helios One, General Blackthorne, the commander of the conscripted forces, arrived at Camp Mccarran to receive his men’s discharge papers. Expecting  his men’s repose, he was instead ordered by General Lee Oliver to defend Hoover Dam from the impending Legion assault. Knowing that, once again, his men would become mere cannon fodder for the NCR war machine, General Blackthorne made the decision to abandon the NCR and flee into the Frontier. Over the next few years, Blackthorne and his men continued to focus on improving their position, and observed the unfolding events of the Mojave. Their ultimate goal was to return to the NCR to overthrow President Kimball and his warmongering staff, and stop the endless cycle of war.

The Snowblind Legion

The backbone of the Legion army in the Frontier consists of a former tribe known as the Snowblind. Once a peaceful people that lived in the Frontier,they were known to be fairly technologically adept and often helped repair machinery for the Scavengers. It was not unusual to encounter Snowblind tribesmen scavenging the ruins of Portland for technology that could help improve their livelihood. However, that all changed once the Exiled NCR arrived, forcing them to start competing for resources, eventually leading to confrontations between the two groups. As capable and tough as the Snowblind were in small scale warfare, they were still no match for the well-organized and battle hardened soldiers of the Exiled. With dwindling supplies and mounting casualties, the Snowblind became increasingly exasperated in their attempts to defeat their Exiled forces. Strained by the sufferings of their people, the tribe’s elders soon saw no other option than to relocate outside the Frontier in hopes of rebuilding what they had lost. Unfortunately, the land outside Portland proved even less welcoming, and when the tribe was about to splinter off into many different groups, and go their separate paths, a man calling himself Marcus Valerius approached them. Valerius introduced himself as a Frumentarii and offered the Legion’s help to defeat the Exiled in exchange for undying loyalty to their leader, Caesar. Still embittered by the loss of their lands to the NCR, the Snowblind accepted Valerius’ offer. Under a small contingent of Legionnaires, the Snowblind were to be shaped into an effective fighting force. Over the next few years the tribe learned the Legion’s ways, adapted their knowledge of technology to the purpose war and prepared to gain revenge against the Exiled. Valerius himself assumed leadership of his new initiates, and oversaw their integration into the Legion ranks.  While the older Snowblind saw some of the Legion’s ways as too extreme, most were too blinded by their hatred for the Exiled to pay them any heed. These sanguinary tribesmen found it necessary to accept the Legion’s customs and forgo their own. Soon, the Snowblind marched back to the Frontier under a new banner, that of Caesar’s Legion.


Prospectors, thieves, murderers… does any of that matter now?
Only the fittest and strongest survive in the Frontier. Scavengers can work alone or team up with others to increase their chances of survival. They’re extremely loyal to one another, yet the arrival of the Legion and NCR has split them.
Some trust the Legion, Some trade with NCR, and some hate both sides for ruining their own peace.


The skulking snakes of this new and broken world; vile detritus the mutated world has spewed forth – too lazy for causes; too greedy to risk themselves; too cowardly to serve any master but themselves.
They prey on the weak and trade in humans to  stock the fight arenas, whorehouses, farms. They deal with anyone that will pay, and are always searching for more product…