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The Frontier is an unforgiving environment…

The Frontier will bring a new gameplay experience to Fallout New Vegas.

Here are only a few possibilities you can expect to find on The Frontier.

Dynamic weather and dedicated FX

  • Nuclear war has drastically affected The Frontier’s day to day weather. Expect to see a warm day be quickly interrupted by sub zero temperatures.
  • Fog, Snow, Rain, Thunder. All available in the Frontier.
  • Incredibly unique and interesting skyboxes utilising HDRI maps.


  • With 3 major questlines, and 50+ side quests, there’s a ton of variety.
  • Fight for the NCR, train under the Legion, or work for the Crusaders of Steel. Many choices and options lay before you.
  • Side quests are varied and difficult, some will make you laugh, some will make your cry.
  • Skill and S.P.E.C.I.A.L checks abound. Level yourself up to sweet talk your way out of trouble.


  • Boss battles
  • Ennemies vehicles
  • Aerial dogfights and airborne assaults
  • Arena battles
  • Unique weaponry

New Special Effects

  • Never before seen visual FX.
  • New creatures with devastating abilities.
  • Next gen fire.
  • New assortments of energy weapons.
  • Scripted cutscenes.
  • Incredible weather FX.