PSA: Please do not download any files claiming to be from the Frontier. We received reports that fake Frontier files have been appearing around the web (most notably moddb). We haven’t released anything yet.

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Fallout: The Frontier Netwrk Teaser

Teaser/quests made by Nazothedark on The Frontier’s Netwrk Side Quest series. Hope you folks like this one as well!

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Fallout: New Vegas's Most Ambitious Mod Takes You To The Frontier

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Just curious, are people interested in asking questions for an AMA for the Frontier? We did one over a year ago but haven’t done one since. I’ve gotten interview requests from a couple of places but I want the opportunity to answer questions from you guys. You guys were here with us from the start. -Maybenexttime

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No Claws For Alarm at Fallout New Vegas - mods and community

Enjoy a short quest for the weekend by Hopper31 (The Frontier’s adept script monkey) 😀

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Fallout New Vegas: The Frontier

“Man… how do I get out of this chickensh*t outfit?” – Cpl. Henderson Photo Creds: Macintroll

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Timeline Photos

NCR outfit/armors are being upgraded to higher poly models and textures but at the same trying to keep the original look. Beautifully redesigned by Macintroll. Photo Creds: Macintroll, The Art Director

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Recent FAQ alert! Will this mod be available for the console? No, we do not have the tools to do so. When will this mod be released? Hopefully late this year or next. How big is this mod? Current 16Gs and counting uncompressed. Where does this mod take place? Portland, Oregon. We’ve been getting bombarded with these questions lately because of a lot..

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The Frontier - Join Us at Slave's Harbor!

Short teaser video made by Lukekoun on his quest “Unsafe Harbor” for the Frontier! Enjoy!

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Thank you everyone! Thank you for the love and support, we definitely felt it this week!

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Fallout: The Frontier Official "Year 3 The Courier" E3 Mod Trailer

Fallout: The Frontier Official E3 Trailer Hope you guys enjoy. Please comment, share, and like because that helps us a lot! As always ask questions below and thank you for the 3 year support!

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Fallout: The Frontier Cannon Trap

Beware of the cannon traps by Devilswish182 and Weijisen!

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Tale of Two Wastelands

Also our friends at Tales of Two Wastelands started a Facebook page! Check them out!

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[Fallout: Project Brazil] State of the Mod for May 2017! news

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While working on the next big trailer, I asked myself “Why am I so worried and so meticulous with each scene? It’s just a mod.” I took a look at some of my oldest video work on the Frontier and all of it wouldn’t have been released today. It used to take 3-4 hours a day to make these videos. Now it takes me weeks of editing, swapping and redoing to..

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Thank you all for the 10K likes! It’s a crazy amount for a NV mod. I’m currently working on the next trailer to be released sometime during E3. Again, thank you for the support, love and motivation. Without you guys, there wouldn’t be us!

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Fallout: The Frontier Old World Radio - Boston (Fallout 4) Discussion

Hey folks! A quick little update with The Frontier with Old World Radio – Boston mod! They were more than happy to share with us their Tumbleweed Tunes for the Frontier. Now we can have some extra meat to our radio stations. Check out their work and support them!

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Timeline Photos

The Frontier’s cute little Fuel bots. Created by: Weijiesen and Mindboggles

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So after reading your posts and posts from elsewhere I did get a pretty solid list of songs that met some of my criteria. However, the list is not final and I may also ask reddit for their opinion. The songs are not listed in any particular order. I would like to hear some thoughts regarding the list. 1. Seven Nation Army: Glitch Mob Remix Pros: – Fits..

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The beauty of the Frontier, explore the vast new wasteland

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Curious, for the next trailer what should the song be? I ran a few in my head, and I wasn’t 100% satisfied. For example… Song: Garbage: Not your kind of people Pro: 1. A beautiful song that fits the Frontier theme 2. It’s fairly lengthy meaning I could fit a lot of content Cons: 1. Already used in a previous trailer (although I am not satisfied with..

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“Hey, I was just looking for the bathroom, don’t mind me…” Photo Creds: Weijisen

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Timeline Photos

Photo Creds: Devilswish182 Scripting: Devilswish182

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Timeline Photos

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Fallout: The Frontier Archimedes II Discussion

Reuploaded due to some sound problems Archimedes II Space Station Discussion, Enjoy!

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