The Frontier is an unforgiving environment…

The Frontier will bring a new gameplay experience to Fallout New Vegas.

Here are only a few possibilities you can expect to find on The Frontier.

Dynamic weather and dedicated FX

  • The cold effect:
    Each type of weather will have a different effect on your character. You’ll need to equip yourself with the right gear to defend against the cold environment or die.
  • Nuclear war has drastically affected The Frontier’s day to day weather. Expect to see a warm day be quickly interrupted by sub zero temperatures.
  • Mist , snow, rain, footprints left in the snow, and cold breath.
  • There’s also a more realistic and dynamic sky depending on the weather.


  • The main quest line will see you fight to survive against the harsh elements, the heavy Legion presence, and the locals known as Scavs.
  • Side quests are varied, featuring several different scenarios and difficult moral choices. You’ll have to balance doing the right thing with trying to survive.
  • In The Frontier, trapping and hunting play a big role in day to day life, something you’re going to have to do in order to survive.
  • You’ll have to solve puzzles and find collectibles as well.


  • Boss battles
  • Aerial dogfights and airborne assaults
  • Arena battles
  • War Zones

New Special Effects

  • Spreading fire
  • Destructible items
  • Frostbitten bodies
  • Cryotech Weapons
  • New animal life
  • Special weapon effects