Exiled NCR Forces

The exiled NCR forces were ravaged by the Frontier- but then fortune smiled upon them, and they stumbled upon their new home. An abandoned military airfield is their respite from the climate and the Legion onslaught- but they were amazed by what they found inside.

The hangars were filled with war material like they’d never seen. The NCR began experimenting and refurbishing these prototypes for their use, and when they realized how much more advanced these prototypes were, they prioritized finding it in Frontier. Slowly, and with a fervor reminiscent of that other group obsessed with technology, the NCR stopped at nothing to uncover the prewar technology hidden in the Frontier.

The Exiled NCR believed that there were even more hidden secrets lying deep in The Frontier. Any secret discovered can give these NCR forces the upper hand. General Blackthorne has heavily invested in outfitting and upgrading his troop’s weapons and equipment. He knew they were close to being a formidable force.

Once they reclaim the lost relics of the old world and push the Legion out from the region, they will begin the long trek back to the Mojave. At long last, order will finally be restored in the Mojave.

The XXe Legion

Over the years serving in the NCR, Captain Marcus Atkins tried to believe that they were actually fighting for a cause. After watching his friends die, he lost faith in the NCR. To him, the NCR was festering with greed and corruption. The only way to cure this disease was to completely annihilate the NCR and begin anew.

One night, he deserted, fled north away from NCR held territory. He was devastated after learning his former squad was summarily tried and executed for crimes against the state- an example. Filled with grief and regret, he wandered further north and arrived in the Frontier. He hoped the harsh environment would finally grant him the peace of death. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for him…

He stumbled upon people living in the region. They called themselves Scavengers. Atkins was surprised that anyone could survive yet alone an entire faction in the Frontier. These people were determined, tough and loyal to each other. He told them tales of the Mojave and its relative comfort compared to the frozen Frontier. The pain of his squad’s death fresh in his mind, he explained the NCR was choked with corruption and had to be rooted out before anyone could live comfortably in the Mojave. The only force strong enough to do so was the Legion…

Before long, the Scavengers, now led by Marcus, and the Legion began to exchange emissaries. Caesar went even further and offered them protection, via their fealty- or annihilation. A platoon of Legion soldiers arrived to teach them the art of a Legionnaire’s warfare. No longer a captain of the NCR, Marcus earned a new moniker- Praetorian Marcus Valerius I.

He would lead the Scavengers and together with the Legion they will eradicate the NCR.
As if yet another twist of fate for Valerius, a sizeable force of an NCR has arrived at the other end of the Frontier. He saw this as his opportunity to strike back, planning to push the NCR all the way back to the Mojave and retake his home.


Prospectors, thieves, murderers… does any of that matter now?
Only the fittest and strongest survive in the Frontier. Scavengers can work alone or team up with others to increase their chances of survival. They’re extremely loyal to one another, yet the arrival of the Legion and NCR has split them.
Some trust the Legion, Some trade with NCR, and some hate both sides for ruining their own peace.


The skulking snakes of this new and broken world; vile detritus the mutated world has spewed forth – too lazy for causes; too greedy to risk themselves; too cowardly to serve any master but themselves.
They prey on the weak and trade in humans to  stock the fight arenas, whorehouses, farms. They deal with anyone that will pay, and are always searching for more product…