Would you like to show your love of our work through monetary means ?
Donations are accepted, though not required of anyone.
Rest assured The Frontier will be seen though to completion regardless of finances.

So Why donate ?
Some folk (out of the sheer kindness of their hearts) want to compensate us for our time, or donate as a way of simply showing us they think what we are doing is something they’d “pay money for”.
No one is forcing you 🙂

If I were donate, where would my funds go or how would they be ‘used’ ?
To be frank, nearly every bit of every donation is going towards the purchase of custom assets/content.
A number of high quality creatures, armors, weapons, are purchased off sites like www.turbosquid.com.
Upon completion of The Frontier, should any funds still remain on our end, it’s likely we’ll spring for some “super cool” thing to use in a Frontier AddOn/DLC.

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1) Donations are used towards the purchase of Frontier’s custom assets.
No member is PAID or PROFITS

2) Donations are non-refundable (we do make custom asset purchases regularly)