The NCR is ready to crumble under the onslaught of the Legion. Some realize drastic measures must be taken to ensure their survival. General Blackthorne knows things have to change. He begged President Kimball to employ harsher strategies to break the Legion frontline, but Kimball was unwilling to listen.

Blackthorne, displeased with the lackadaisical approach by the NCR brass, called them out at first privately, before going public. The growing concern of the impending Legion assault soon spread like wildfire. Support for Blackthorne’s proposals and changes skyrocketed in popularity. The General seized this popularity and called for Kimball to resign.

Feeling pressured, Kimball sent Blackthorne into exile to silence him. He sent the General and his supporters north to defend the NCR from Legion attacks, to a place known as The Frontier.
The Frontier was a harsh environment and many of his men succumbed to the extreme conditions. Blackthorne refused to bend to Mother Nature and vowed he would return to the Mojave to restore order. Fueled by pure determination to reach his goals, Blackthorne rebuilt his army.

Blackthorne was surprised that a sizable Legion force would exist way up north from the Mojave… but Legion is Legion. The Frontier was loaded with pre-war technology and military equipment. His aim is to destroy the Legion, claim all of The Frontier’s secrets, and finally start the long journey back to the Mojave and take what’s rightfully his.